Update: As with the Porsches, I’ll be posting the rest of these on EBay this weekend if there are no other takers here.

So my father gifted me all of his old hot wheels stuff since it’s been in a box at his house for 15 years, and for at least 30 years in my grandparent’s house in a box before that.

So this stuff just needs to go to a new home haha.

First off, I have some listed prices, but feel free to make offers too. I’m offering everything to LaLD first and then will throw whatever doesn’t go up on EBay after a week or two.

Before we look at it all, I would guess everything is from ~1970 plus or minus a year or two. It would match up with the Redlines my dad gave me as well (which are definitely staying with me).


SOLD First up: A crap load of track components. Everything is actually in decent shape.

SOLD Asking price: $100.

What you get: 3x loop-de-loops, 2x start blocks, 2x finish lines, 7x red truss, 2x stone bridge, 2x 90 deg bank, 3x 180 deg bank, 4x 6" track, 2x 12" track, 28x 24" track, 28x track connector tabs.


SOLD Next up, a loop de loop set.

SOLD Asking price: $40

The box is in rough shape, but still neat to see the old school deco. Includes a bunch of 24" track and everything else you need for the set. Also two parachutes. Looks like one of the chutes has never been used. I have no idea how you get those chutes to work...


Next up: A two-level booster

Asking price: $20

Uses either C or D-sized batteries. Lever on the side controls the speed of the boosters.No sign of corrosion.


SOLD Next: Some bridges

SOLD Asking price:$20

The box is in much better condition than the others. The bridges are also in excellent condition. Not sure often this set was played with because of the good condition. Pretty neat honestly...


Next: Some Sizzlers stuff.

Asking price: $20

First is a charging station (way ahead of Tesla haha). Uses either C’s or D batteries to charge the sizzler cars. No sign of corrosion.


Second is the speed brake. You would use the pump to inflate the rubbery/plasticky thing to slow and stop the car (since the car was on an on/off switch...). There are some holes in the hand pump though. Soft plastics don’t really hold up over time.

Finally: Some Slot Car stuff.


Asking price: $100

This is Tyco track with all of the original equipment, box and manuals (check out the badass Chaparral artwork on the manual!!). Also has two slot cars with it. I really don’t know anything about slot cars, but everything looks in good condition and looks like it would be a complete set.

Anywho, let me know if you’re interested in anything!