Update: I’ll probably be posting the other two on EvilBay this weekend if LaLD is not interested.

Figured I should keep the vintage stuff separate from these.

It’s a bit tough to let these go, but as per usual, I am ever-changing the particulars of my collection. These will be replaced by at least one (or 3) other Porsches though...

Same rules as my other post: I’ll put an asking price, but feel free to make an offer. Shipping cost covered by the buyer.

SOLD First up: The #71 Apple Porsche 935 K3.


SOLD Asking price: $180

The box isn’t in perfect condition, but the car is near-mint. No imperfections I noticed, but it has been displayed in a case not-in-sunlight for a bit. This is also a low-number car of 0018/3000. Pictures of it in the box:


Next up is the Porsche 935/19 that debuted at last year’s Rennsport Reunion.

Asking price: $115

This is a 1/43 car by Minichamps. I have no idea how many of these were made, but they were gone by the afternoon the day after the debut of the actual car. I’ve heard rumors of only 100 being made, but a few have been popping up on EBay recently. This was displayed same as the 935 K3 above.


In the box:

Finally, the Porsche 356B Cabriolet.


Asking price: $70

As mentioned in my post about it, this was purchased at the Porsche Museum by me back in 2009. It is a 1/43 Minichamps model and it’s in Aetnablau. It has been displayed in its box out of sunlight the whole time.

In its box:


Let me know if you’re interested!